Choosing The Right Orthodontist

Choosing The Right Orthodontist
Posted on 08/22/2017

Choosing The Right Orthodontist

Consultation appointment with patient and orthodontist

A beautiful, healthy smile is an asset that helps you for a lifetime, and it's one you carry with you everywhere you go. The best way for most people to achieve that smile is through an excellent orthodontist, but understanding how to choose the right orthodontist for you can be a challenge. At McClain Orthodontics, our mission is to make every aspect of the orthodontic treatment process easy – and that includes finding an orthodontist that satisfies of all your needs.

Things to Look for in Your Paris, TN Orthodontist

To achieve the optimal results from orthodontic treatment, you need a great orthodontist. When searching for one, try to look for the following things:

  • Board Certified: Certification by the American Board of Orthodontists is a strong marker of confidence for any orthodontist. Board certification means you can trust that your doctor is a licensed professional that fully understands the practice of orthodontic treatment.
  • Well Reviewed: Many orthodontists will feature patient testimonials on their website, and you can also check for patient reviews on sites like Google+ or Yelp. Look for an orthodontist that's well-reviewed by previous patients.
  • Experience: Ideally, you should choose an orthodontist with many years of experience treating patients.
  • Treatment Methods: Every patient is different, and you'll want to keep your options open when deciding on treatment. Try to find an orthodontist that offers a variety of treatment options, as this gives you more flexibility when choosing a treatment method.

Questions To Ask Your Orthodontist

Even once you've found an orthodontist you like, you should still continue evaluating them throughout your first visit. During the visit, you should ask questions like the following:

  • What orthodontic conditions do I have?
  • What treatment options are available to me?
  • How long will treatment take?
  • How often will I need to schedule check up appointments?
  • Do you take after school or after work appointments?
  • How long have you been practicing?
  • Can I speak with any previous patients about their experience? Do you have any testimonials or reviews?
  • Do you offer any financial options? What insurance do you take?

Schedule a Consultation with Your Paris, TN Orthodontist

Any good orthodontist should be ready with answers to all of those questions and more – and if your orthodontist has trouble answering anything, it may be time to look elsewhere. Of course, if you have any other questions on choosing the right orthodontist, we're always happy to speak with you: just call us at (731) 644-9311. If you'd like to schedule a consultation at our office, feel free to reach out to us at our contact page We look forward to hearing from you, and we wish you luck in choosing the perfect orthodontist to suit your needs!